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Episode 9: Stepping up on our soapbox

There are few things that true movie-goers hate more than poor theater etiquette. There are only a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Don’t talk during the movie.
  2. Don’t use your cellular phone during the movie.
  3. Don’t kick the seats in front of you.

Yet people seem to think that these rules are unnecessary in today’s age where it seems that nobody is able to go 2 minutes without checking either for a text or an update on a social media outlet. During CinemaCon (a conference for cinema owners), a debate actually arose on whether theaters should actually allow cellular phone usage during movies in order to attract younger audience members. It would be interesting to see what current (older) audience would do if this were actually taken seriously (which I can only hope will never happen). Would they sit idly by and allow this to happen or would they discontinue supporting theaters that allow for the bright, distracting lights of cellular phones to pop up like fireflies during the show? Also should it become common to allow people to play with their phones during the film, how far off are we from letting people have full on conversations? It seems ridiculous to me that this would ever be discussed because as someone who has gone to hundreds of movies in the last 15 years or so it makes me wonder: Would I have spent so much money going to the theater if the film had to compete with bright, little lights and conversations in order to be enjoyed? Probably not.

News & Gossip:

  • The synopsis for Django Unchained has been released article as well as a pic of Leonardo DiCaprio as the villain article
  • Would you buy Avon from Mark Wahlberg? I sure would article
  • It sounds like we’ll be able to understand Bane in The Dark Knight Rises after all article
  • Rumor has it Ryan Reynolds might be on the short list to replace Christian Bale as Batman article
  • Early rumblings on The Hobbit being shot at 48 frames per second article
  • Martin Scorsese wants to shoot all of his films in 3D article
  • An actual discussion has arisen on allowing cellular phone usage in theaters article

In theaters now:

  • The Lucky One (trailer): We both agreed that this movie was classic Nicholas Sparks. There was rain, boats, a woman overcoming a past relationship, a sub-par plot, and plenty of sappiness to go around. The story involves a soldier, Logan, who after a night raid in Iraq finds a picture of a woman. As time and time again he survives situations that should have resulted in his death he begins to look at the photo as a talisman keeping him safe. After returning home he begins a journey to track down the woman. In doing so he finds her living with her son and grandmother at a dog kennel. Logan ends up getting a job at the kennel and forms a relationship with Beth (the woman in the photo) and her family, enraging her ex-husband in the process. This movie is completely forgettable with the exception of one thing: Zac Efron. Therefore we agreed that this film would get a rating of 2 out of 5. One point for the movie and one point for Zac Efron. (I think you mean, one point for the dog and one point for Zac ~Anna) We would have given him more points, but we didn’t want to mislead people into thinking this movie was at all good, when it’s not. If you are a Zac Efron fan, however, this one is not to be missed… see below.

Update: The Lucky One would have probably been better had this (funnyordie trailer) been the plot rather than its actual plot.

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