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Episode 30: On to 2013!

This week, Kari and Anna talk about some of the movies they’re most looking forward to in 2013.

Anna’s Picks:

Kari’s Picks:

In theaters now (25:00):

  • Zero Dark Thirty (trailer): A strong movie, with a strong cast and great plot, this movie really showcases one woman’s obsession to find Osama bin Laden. We both rate this movie a strong 5.
  • Silver Linings Playbook (trailer): Even though this puts Anna in the minority, she thought Jennifer Lawrence was the weakest part of the movie and thought her acting took away from the movie. However, after talking it through with Kari, she’s come to understand why she took such a dislike to Lawrence’s character. Unlike Anna, Kari loved the movie- it was dark, yet light; funny, yet serious; and she loved all the acting. Anna rates it a 3, while Kari gives it a 4.
  • Gangster Squad (trailer): Despite it’s awesome, this movie did not deliver. Full of terrible cliches and bad special effects, even Ryan Gosling’s good looks could not redeem it. Kari rates it a 1 (a point for Ryan Gosling) and advises you not to see it.
  • Les Misérables (trailer): Anna and Kari are both Les Mis virgins and after seeing this movie interpretation we cannot understand what the appeal of this musical/opera is. It is sooo long, and there is sooo much crying (by both the cast and audience). It was nearly impossible for either of us to form any attachment to any of the characters. If you love the play already, though, you will love the movie. (Here is a review of the movie from someone who loves it). Anna gives it a 1 and Kari gives it a 2– one point for Anne Hathaway, one point for Eddie Redmayne. (also check out this video of crying parents).
  • The Impossible (trailer): For Anna, the 1st half of the movie was the strongest part. Kari thought the whole movie was great. They both agree that actor who played the oldest son really stole the show. They both rated it a 4.

What’s on the horizon:

This weekend’s agenda:


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Episode 6: The Hunger Games Extravaganza!

We are both big fans of The Hunger Games trilogy; Kari for quite awhile and Anna just recently (even though someone gave her the book for Christmas). We are also both fans of young adult fiction, most likely stemming from our shared backgrounds of being voracious readers as teens. This means we were psyched for the film version and also that we had already read all three parts of the trilogy (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) before the first movie came out- which is why we won’t be able to discuss the film as if we were viewing it without knowledge of the story. So if you don’t want ANY spoilers, don’t listen to this podcast before you see the movie. Or read the book. Because this episode is a HUNGER GAMES EXTRAVAGANZA!

Suzanne Collins manages to do with her three short books what Stephanie Meyer could only dream of: create a fully defined literary role model for young women. This past weekend the screen adaptation of The Hunger Games opened to a roaring success and we will be dedicating this week’s podcast to nothing but The Hunger Games and our experiences viewing this film.

News & Gossip:

  • (:40) The Hunger Games kills at the box office (article)
  • (2:00) Who’s going to see The Hunger Games (article)
    • Is The Hunger Games the first female franchise? (article)
  • (13:00) Shocking, racist comments regarding the cast on Twitter (article)
    • On closer examination, there are two Asian tributes as well 😉
  • (20:00) Seneca Crane’s beard (article)
  • (22:15) Honestly I know this isn’t news… but I love Ryan Gosling telling me phrases from and inspired by The Hunger Games (link)
  • (24:10) How do you decide if you should see The Hunger Games or not? (article)
  • Podcast interview (The Business) with the producer, Nina Jacobson (link)
  • Podcast interview (The Treatment) with the director, Gary Ross (link)

In theaters now:

  • (25:25) The Hunger Games (trailer): This film was one of the best adaptations from page to screen that we’ve seen in quite some time. Every aspect – from the actors chosen to the locations – brought to life the world of Panem. I’ll assume that when Suzanne Collins wrote her book she wasn’t writing it for the screen, but it’s as if she somehow knew the perfect length that the book should be in order for a film to do it justice. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is a female role model that parents should encourage their daughters to look up to (rather than a certain other female character from another young adult series that shall remain nameless). Katniss holds true to her core belief of doing whatever she can to get back to her family – she is the main caretaker and breadwinner for her family and realizes that without her presence there is a real possibility that her mother and sister won’t survive.
  • The director Gary Ross does an amazing job showing the differences between the classes in Panem. The Capital looked amazing job showcasing the gross amount of excess that the residents enjoy. District 12 looked exactly the way that it is described in the book, even though we would’ve liked to see more of the Hob.
  • They didn’t quite hit the mark on the ending as we felt it should’ve been a little bit darker to help the audience understand the dark storm on the horizon. In addition, both Peeta and Gale weren’t developed enough to give a true sense of Katniss’s connection to them. However, with the exception of a few nit-picky complaints from some true fans of the novels, this film was spot on and we both agreed that we’d rate it a 5 out of 5. It’s a must see for just about everyone (over the age of 13) but especially for those who love the novels!

What’s on the horizon (trailers that played before The Hunger Games edition):

  • (55:40) The Amazing Spider-Man: July 3 (trailer)
  • (56:20) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: November 16 (teaser)

This weekend’s agenda:

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Special Tribute to the Breakout Star of The Hunger Games

The breakout star of The Hunger Games