We’re just two women who love movies. Working at the public library during high school brought us together and a love of the movies made us friends.

Anna loves inspirational sports movies, smart comedies, movies that make her cry. She doesn’t like movies about zombies, dinosaurs, or epidemics, and she’s scared of movies that make her jump.

Kari loves inspirational sports movies, comedies that aren’t too terribly stupid, and movies that make her cry, but not movies that try too hard to make her cry. That’s right Nicholas Sparks, this means movies adapted from your books. She also likes movies about zombies, vampires, and werewolves, but does not watch gross out horror movies, movies about ghosts, or movies about intruders. She likes to be able to sleep at night.

Follow us at @2women1movie!

  1. Love to see that my fellow library matea from high school have taken their passion and made something very fun to read. Look forward to reading more, espicially when on a 28 hr shift! Good luck to both of you.

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