Episode 28: Is Twilight over yet?

News & Gossip:

  •  Tom Cruise has picked the new director for Mission: Impossible 5 link
  • 9 min of the new Star Trek playing in IMAX before The Hobbit link

In theaters now:

  •  Lincoln (trailer): This movie blew Anna’s mind, but Kari’s less so. Anna thinks this is one of the best movies she’s seen all year, and while Kari loved it as well, maybe not as much as Anna did. They both rate it a high 5.
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 (trailer): Anna found the movie to be a bit more boring than Kari did. Kari really enjoyed the new vampires that were introduced to the story and appreciated how they added to the movie. They both enjoyed seeing Edward in his true, happy state. They both rated it a solid 3.
  • Anna Karenina (trailer): While Anna found this movie to be visually stunning, the story left her a bit cold. She felt every minute of the 2 hour run time, but did enjoy seeing how Joe Wright’s earlier work influenced this one. Anna rates it a 2, but if you already know and like the story, you’ll probably enjoy it more than her.
  • Life of Pi (trailer): Even though this movie encompassed all the things Kari doesn’t like (sharks, big cats, and the ocean), she still rated it a 4. It’s a visually stunning piece of work and if sharks, tigers, being stranded in the ocean don’t stress you out, you will enjoy this movie.
  • Hitchcock (trailer): Anna thinks that if you’re interested in Hitchcock or his movies (especially Psycho), you will enjoy this movie. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren are fabulous portraying the unique relationship Hitchcock and his wife had. Anna rates it a 4.

What’s on the horizon:

This weekend’s agenda:

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