Episode 18: After a disasterous #17 we’re back!

I’m happy to be back in audio form this week after last week’s disastrous loss of our Magic Mike, Ted, and The Amazing Spiderman reviews. We have some fun news, one review, and what I think will be an exciting new topic: our favorite films. I’m excited to take a look through “the library” and figure out which two movies are so great that they deserve the spotlight for the recording and I hope to hear from you all on if you have favorites you’d like us to talk about or if you have categories that you’d like us to spotlight.

News & Gossip:

  • The most awesome bit of Catching Fire casting news yet! article
  • Mockingjay to be split into two parts article
  • R Patz as the next James Bond? article
  • Depp, Law, and more being being talked to for Wes Anderson’s new film article
  • Magic Mike 2? Say it’s so! article
  • Jason Bateman to make his directorial debut with Bad Words article
  • Which foreigners have the best American accents? article

In theaters now:

Savages (trailer): Oliver Stone’s new movie is quite violent. I thought I’d start with this as a warning. It was violent enough that Anna walked out before the end. Salma Hayek turns in an amazing performance as the head of a Mexican drug cartel trying to keep her organization from crumbling. Benicio Del Toro as her muscle is frankly terrifying. He plays an emotionless “savage” who relishes in killing  anyone seen as a threat to the cartel. Taylor Kitsch (Chon) and Aaron Johnson (Ben) play friends and business partners (maybe something more? I don’t know…) who share their lover, O played by Blake Lively. Their business is marijuana and they grow weed that is so good the cartel is trying to get them to teach their growers how to produce the same products, with disastrous results.  I would say (with some knowledge of the book the film is based on) that the relationship between Ben and Chon was one of the more interesting points in the film, although Anna disagrees. One thing we both agree on is how bad Blake Lively’s performance is. Frankly I can’t imaging what Ben and Chon find so fascinating with O and her narration of much of the film was in a sharp contrast with what was going on in the scene. Perhaps their relationship would have been more convincing with a different female lead. Overall I rated this a 3 out of 5 and Anna a 2 out of 5. To be fair I’m sure my expectations were much, much lower than Anna’s.

What’s on the horizon:

This weekend’s agenda:

  • This weekend we’re trying something new. Due to a lack of new films in theaters we will each be taking stock of our favorite, go-to films and we’ll be discussing those next week. Hopefully this will become a semi-regular occurrence, where we can revisit some of our favorites and hopefully introduce you all to some films that you may not have seen or may not have seen in quite some time.
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