Episode 17: I love an R-Rated Weekend!

Sadly due to technical difficulties the recording of Episode 17 was lost and unable to be recovered. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy reading the articles we found interesting last week and will get some use out of the quick reviews of the films we were able to see.

It seems as if it has been a long, long time since we’ve been able to see multiple movies in one week that were all good. This was one of the best theater weeks that I can remember having in quite some time. I can’t say for Anna, but I would also go on the record and say that I had the best audiences in a long time in all of the films that I saw [Oh yes, I definitely had a great audience!]. My week started with Ted, moved on to The Amazing Spiderman, and finished with Magic Mike. I don’t think I need to go into which I found to be the most fun… but I will.

Magic Mike night was tons of fun! I got together with three of my friends for cocktails and cheese before the movie, which got us a little more in the mood for the spectacle to come. Normally I am not one for clapping during movies, but I had to really restrain myself from clapping, whistling, hooting and hollering, or whatever else one does during a strip show. I wanted to scream like a fan girl at a pop concert, and let me assure you I can do that quite well. I did manage to keep my cool, as did my friends, but it was tough work [I’m sure she wasn’t the only one partaking in cocktails before the movie. There were a few in my audience…].

Sadly I’m sure there aren’t any awesome male strippers in the Des Moines area… but if there are please do leave a comment. I’d be interested in your services for b-days, batchelorette parties, baby showers- basically any type of party-like environment where lots of women would congregate.

News & Gossip:

  • Jena Malone is Johanna article
  • The bigger the blockbuster, the bigger the biceps article
  • An economic comparison between Batman and Spiderman article
  • The Amazing Spiderman the first in a new trilogy? article
  • The Dark Knight trilogy will be in theaters June 19, 2012 AMC tickets Cinemark tickets

In theaters now:

  • Magic Mike (red band trailer): If you’re into having fun, you must see this film. It also probably wouldn’t hurt to be a woman- not that men can’t watch this too, they just might not enjoy it quite as much as the women. Channing Tatum is mesmerizing to watch when he dances. They could have made a two-hour film of only dance scenes with him and the other dancers (Tarzan would be the exception) and I would gladly pay $10.00 to watch it.  I had no idea that Adam Rodriguez from CSI: Miami would be such a good dancer, but he was. The story follows Mike as he tries to transition away from being a stripper to becoming a custom furniture builder. Along the way he takes “The Kid” (played by Alex Pettyfer) under his wing and teaches him the way of being a member of the Cock Rocking Kings of Tampa. I wish that the other dancers played by Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, and Matt Bomer had a little more dialogue and story. They really were basically filler for the dance numbers. Matthew McConaughey turns in a performance that was equally creepy and fun to watch [but mostly creepy, in my opinion]. There is a tiny bit of romance in the film, but don’t think that this is a love story, because it is not. Magic Mike is occasionally dark, occasionally hilarious, and an all around good time. Anna and I both rated it a 4 out of 5.
  • Ted (red band trailer): Mark Wahlberg plays maybe one of the most loveable losers ever in Ted. He is way, way too attached to his foul-mouthed, pothead teddy bear, but in an enjoyable to watch type of way. Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) was a normal teddy bear when he was gifted to John, but a childhood wish turned him into a teddy bear that could speak, eat, drink, and do basically anything a human could do.  I loved the relationship between John and his girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis), and loved the interactions between Lori and Ted. This movie isn’t just a story about a man who can’t grow up, it’s about making the adult decision to be the person that you want to be with the people that you want to be with. This film kept me laughing from beginning to end and I would recommend it to anyone who loves laughter and/or foul-mouthed children’s toys. Anna and I both rated this a 4 out of 5.
  • The Amazing Spiderman (trailer): Andrew Garfield delivers as the new Spiderman. His performance is that of a younger, snarkier, more awkward Peter Parker. He does a great job of showing Peter Parker’s transition into Spiderman. There are quite a few articles floating around (article) painting a rather unflattering portrait of this reboot of the Spiderman franchise, but as someone who hasn’t read the comic books I say that this has been my favorite of the Spiderman films. I enjoyed this new origin story but agree with this article that there were some questions and plot points promised in the trailers that were not shown in the film, I think to the film’s detriment. I don’t know why the scenes were scrapped, but I think they would have made for an even more interesting film. There was also an almost criminal misuse of the great Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. They were not given the opportunity to shine as the amazing actors that they are. I did see this in 3D and would say that if you didn’t want to spend the extra money on the 3D ticket, don’t. The 3D effects weren’t as cool as they could have been and honestly I don’t think it really added anything to the film. All of this aside, The Amazing Spiderman was action packed and tons of fun. Both Anna and I rated it a 4 out of 5.

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