Episode 5: The balance has been restored; Kari and Anna are in accord.

Things got pretty heated during our last episode when we clashed over Friends with Kids. Happily this week we have made up and were in complete agreement over how much we loved 21 Jump Street and how much we hate the Michael Bay formula, aka “let’s make them aliens.”

News & Gossip:

  • Open note to Michael Bay: Keep your hands of the Teenage MUTANT (not alien) Ninja Turtles (article)
  • Do we believe that the only person that can save the White House from terrorists is Gerard Butler? Heck yes! (article)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing a young Bruce Willis in the time traveling assassin drama Looper (article)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese to reunite for the fifth time (article)
  • Jurassic Park coming in July 2013 in 3D (article)

In theaters now:

  • 21 Jump Street (trailer): This week we were in complete agreement with how much we loved this movie. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill had amazing chemistry as Jenko and Schmidt, bringing yet another really great bromance to the screen. The real breakout star in this was Channing Tatum. Who knew he could do comedy so well? He really has redeemed himself in Kari’s eyes from his previous overly sappy roles in films such as Dear John and The Vow. Jonah Hill is also continuing to get better and better. He was able to be funny without resorting to any gross comedy and really shows how much he’s grown up since his days as a supporting cast member in Knocked Up or Superbad (not that we don’t love those movies). The movie also did a really nice job of bringing cast members from the original T.V. show back to life as their former characters in the movie. Over all 21 Jump Street has great moments of comedy, some great action scenes (done in a tasteful and hilarious way- three limo car chase anyone?), and some great personal drama (again done in a hilarious way) so we both agree that you should rush out and see this a.s.a.f.p. We both agree that this movie scores a 4 out of 5.

What’s on the horizon:

This weekend’s agenda:

  • The Hunger Games (trailer) Kari won’t be live tweeting during The Hunger Games midnight madness (that would be wicked rude) but will of course tweet all about it once it’s over!
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