The Hunger Games Mall Tour Trip: Fail

I knew that the cast of The Hunger Games visiting The Mall of America would draw a crowd and I thought I had just enough crazy in me to join that crowd and all it would involve. I didn’t. When I drove past the south mall entrance at 8pm on Thursday night and saw a line of around 200 people prepared to camp out all night to get one of the “limited number” of wristbands that would allow you the chance to go through the line for autographs from the cast members I realized I was not at all prepared to do that. I had no blankets, no chairs, no pillows, and most importantly no desire to stay up all night outside in 15-20 degree weather. I’m not that crazy dedicated. I did think that perhaps I should get in line around 3 or 4 am on the off chance that I could secure a wristband at 5:30am, but when the alarm went off I realized that I’d much rather sleep in my nice, warm hotel room than go outside in freezing temps for a wristband that I probably had no chance of getting.

Later that day inside The Mall of America all of the people who had camped out all night had moved their pillows and blankets inside and were trying to catch up on lost sleep from the night before. I could see from the number of people in the special, blocked off area of the floor that there were not enough wristbands handed out to have made me regret my decision to not get in line that morning.

So instead of my adventure trying to meet the cast of The Hunger games my trip turned into a shopping trip. Was it what I planned? No. Was it still a fun trip. Yes.


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